Exhibition set up

Exhibition set up

The set up of the exhibition, planned and curated by Mauro Zocchetta and Emilio Alberti, was born from a collection of precise ideas: to describe the artist by highlighting the amazing color quality and the aura of his paintings, to offer a contextualized reading of the works and the context in which they were born, allowing visitors a perceptual experience and knowledge that go beyond the simply viewing the painting, along with discovering each step in the evolution of the artist and the creation of a work of art.

A set up theme designed with the objective of creating a setting where the works are “at home” and in context. The walls of the rooms will be covered with precious tapestries, so as to recreate a mansion whose chromatic tones adapt to fit individual paintings by Palma.

Visitors will be prepared visually by the entryhall into the exhibition space, whose floor created with wooden modules will recall those illustrated in paintings by Palma and his contemporaries.

Moving into the exhibition halls, the works will be so well contextualized that visitors will experience them without distractions, and the space itself will no longer feel like that of an exhibition, but more like another dimension.

Each work will be displayed on a large panel, which will vary chromatically from the walls, creating a backdrop that allows for visitors’ attention to be captured by the painting. The large altarpieces and polyptychs will have structures created specifically to suggest and evoke the locations for which they were originally created.

The areas joining the rooms will have a fundamental role: describing the history and context of the works and the themes they touch upon, so that there will be no interruption of the emotional tension while visitors move to view paintings in different rooms. These areas will serve as an additional element to further delve into Palma’s work and to better understand the painter, his relationships and the historical period.